When I was a student at Berklee I had an opportunity to work at the local repair shop testing amplifiers and audio equipment. Not long after I started, I was offered a full-time position at Musical Instrument Service Center where I am now the head-technician and specialize in amplifier and guitar repair. At M.I.S.C., we are authorized to repair over 40 major brands and have enjoyed a long relationship with Berklee College of Music as their only repair shop. My experience at M.I.S.C. has led to many incredible opportunities as a musician, introduced me to many fantastic people and has given me a view of the guitar that most people will never get in their lifetime. To help people understand better I created a workshop called "Getting the Most Out of Your Guitar" which has been used by Berklee College of Music as a way to educate anyone interested in playing guitar on how their instrument works and how to troubleshoot their instrument. If you are interested in holding this workshop at your venue, or if you need an instrument or amplifier repaired, then please contact me with your questions.